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counting down Shan, counting down🙊💁😀 169&179 days till mine and Shans 18th bufdaysss👌 @shannonbennettxox

"I think it’s better if you just, um… pretend to walk." +

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💞💞 @scampbellx @shannonbennettxox @tiffanyjadexxx
with the ladies yesterday💅💞 @shannonbennettxox @bhav_ox @scampbellx

the ice water challenge😩😂😂😂 @i_need_cretin_repelent @clumsynatters18 @thatpoppunkkid @shannonbennettxox @bhav_ox

YMCA😂😩👌🎵 @shannonbennettxox @scampbellx @bhav_ox

bæ💘 @bhav_ox
little sissy🎀💗
my new breaking bad shirt is the shitttttt😍👌
#regram @benefitcosmeticsuk