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#CiderBottlePenis 😂😂😂 gotta love telestrations😩👌 @i_need_cretin_repelent @clumsynatters18 @thatpoppunkkid
#CiderBottlePenis 😂😂😂 gotta love telestrations😩👌 @i_need_cretin_repelent @clumsynatters18
1. 17
2. AlisonMarie Donna Sleigh
4. Bieberx2, The Wanted, Rizzle Kicks, Union J, Emblem 3 
6. People, Everything.
7. Family, some friends, animal, piercings, tattoos.
8. Wolverhampton 
9. Australia
10. Single
11. 1st lobes:both ears, 2nd lobes:both ears, tragus:left ear, top ear:both ears, belly button, tongue, nose:both sides, neck
12. Koala 
13. Voodoo Doll - 5SOS ~atm~
14. Kardashian game😂😩
Alton Towers🎉 @charlieeglover @shannonbennettxo @rebeccaread1997 @gurpreetkkaur @x_kavita @mohini_vyas @rebekah_snm @priyagaat @clumsynatters18
these pictures make me laugh. I’m going to miss this pair of comedians so much, two of the people that made music in sixthform bearable for me, there’s never a dull moment with the two of them around, so upset that today was their last day, music is never going to be the same without them, but I wish them nothing but the best for in the future, because they are amazing talented people that deserve nothing but greatness in their lives!☺️😘❤️
had a fun day today😋👗 @kirsttlouisexo @theycallmechlo @x_kavita
did my eyeliner for the first time in ages today💀
this girl right here. this beautiful young lady, is one of the most strongest people I have in my life, no matter how much shit gets thrown at her she just takes it on the chin and plods on, I wish I was nearly as strong as what she is. I know you’re going through loads right now, but baby don’t let anything get you down because it’s seriously not worth your time or effort, I love you tons jj💘 @tiffanyjadexxx
will probably delete bc mongin💀